Friday, August 12, 2011


Well as I looked at my list of 12 shoots that I still needed to add to the blog, I thought it would be best - once again! To just do a catch-up post with one or two of my fav's from all my recent awesome sessions.

I love what I do. I love working with all these amazing people and getting to know them. Such blessings!

Here is the lovely Goines family. They rock!

Here is a peek at Janaye and Logan's engagement shoot - they are an adorable couple getting married next month. Loved hanging out with them for the evening!

My sweet 10-year old Dylan. hard to believe he is in the double digits! We did a quick shoot for his birthday. I love this kid!

The Roubicek family. An incredibly wonderful group of people! Mike and Lisa have done themselves right in raising all these children. And they are so fun, too!

Phoebe and her new little brother Zachary. Sweetness.

Lady-killer! Look at this handsome fella!

The stunningly beautiful Hafen family. So cute! Love this fun shot.

My sister Ali. They don't make them any more beautiful than her. I love her to pieces.

Oh, wait...then there is my other gorgeous sister Savannah! Love her to the moon...and back.

Christine. Love her smile!

Woo, looking sultry there, Maddy!

My girl Maya - 18 months old! Love her so much!


My bright-eyed niece Taylor. I adore her.

Sister love - my nieces Sadie and Taylor. I miss them!!

Gorgeous KHS Senior Devin. Loved shooting there with all the red rocks!

Whew! And there you have it!! Caught up! For the time being, anyway...

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