Friday, March 18, 2011

Maya the Explorer

There is nothing more fun that just going someplace new and letting Maya explore. Everything is new to her, and everything is somthing to touch and feel. She loved pulling the grass and looking at the lady bugs and feeling the fence (sometimes with her tongue...).

She is a blessing! I love the way the world looks through 1-year old eyes.
And check the new logo! I like!
The bottom photo is my fav. Perhaps of all time. Well, until the NEXT photo shoot anyway :)


  1. Hi, Nicole! It's been ages!

    Maya is so beautiful. It's crazy how fast they grow up and I agree with you. There really is nothing like watching the world through their eyes, when everything is new and wondrous and interesting. I wish we could keep that forever.

  2. Karen! So nice to see you, and how lovely for you to comment! Thanks so much :)